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New Employee Testing Phishing Service

10.05.23 03:08 PM Comment(s)

C3 Announces a new Employee Phishing Test Service!

Phish Insight lets you test and educate your employees on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks.

Find out what could happen to your organization before the bad guys try.
We at C3 Solutions, are excited to announce that we have a new service. Employee Phishing Testing.

What this does is allows us to send out a safe email (that simulates a phishing, ransomware, and malware contaminated email) to your employees within your business.

Why would I want to test my employees?

The reason to test employees to see if they fall victim to these types of scam emails. If they do your company could be at risk of malware that can affect the hardware of your business, ransomware could encrypt important documents and system files that could halt services and productivity, and phishing can steal important data that may be vital to your business.

How can we avoid phishing and spam emails?

After we run the test, we receive a report showing how many people fell victim to your test. Then we are able to send you the report, as well as training exercises to prevent employees from opening the phishing mail in the future.

Try out our new service


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